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Méghane M. is a registered trademark of clothing in 2011.

In a society still strongly influenced by the dictates, the brand wanted to be part of a struggle for some women develop the concept of self-esteem and value the diversity that France. The special interest of the company for women small size is the lack of representation of them on the podium, but also in the fashion industry (relegated to fashion for children and adolescents).

Méghane M. wants to be an original and colorful brand combining materials such as velvet, lace, jersey.
It offers collections custom and ready to wear in a mixture of romantic styles, ethnic, combining inspiration from the eighteenth century to date.

Méghane M. is the only french brand that gives birth to a new class of model: Model Small size. She hopes through his shows give a chance to those who dream to speak as small size model because beauty is universal. Make the impossible possible!

A mark in the air at the time that these shows puts all women value whatever their morphology and origin. Make a parade a show where tolerance is the watchword.
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"To develop my concept of Model Small size and make my creations, I've had no choice but to begin to embody my own storefront as a model and try my hand at modeling. I am inspired by phrase Gandhi said: "Let us be the change we want to see in the world" until I could give the opportunity to other young women enjoy the experience of participating in my podium shows. "
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