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Méghane M. created the concept of Small Size Model and intends to develop a real place women in fashion ads and by extension in society through recovery. However Méghane M. is not a Model agency.

Why - in fashion -   Petite Women are the margins of society ?

Why are they not included in the criteria of beauty and fashion on the catwalk ?

And finally, why is there an industry for large women, curvy women, pregnant women, but not small women?

this non-representativeness of the women participating in an insidious lack of self-esteem and the feeling of not being "normal" or beautiful. Small in general feel that the side "straw" Fashion is not available to them and it can not therefore be equated with beauty criteria dictated by the field.

That's why since 2010, Méghane M. takes the initiative to insert Petite Women as Petite Model - as she calls them - to represent their collections - and wishing to give them the visibility and greater confidence in their beauty.

CANDIDATURE PETITE MODEL for the brand Méghane M.
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Note: We can not bear the expenses currently. Thank you for your understanding.

You are under 1m63, You have more than 18 years, complete the form below. 
We process applications as quickly as possible. However, we apologize if the answer turns out to be late.

To submit your candidature :
1. Complete the online form below
2. Your application is reviewed and you will receive an email confirmation of your pre-selection
3. Pre-selected candidates are invited to cast later organized by Mr. Méghane
4. After casting, you receive a response.
Note : this performance is not paid.
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